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Policy makers, practitioners, producers


The Board membership combines food policy makers with practitioners and producers in order to ensure all required capabilities are brought to life in guidance and tools. 


Find our more about the Board members:

  • Ruth Galpine (Chair), The Soil Association

  • Christine Storry (Coordinator), Procurement Consultant and West of England Food Procurement Group Leader

  • Sofia Parente, Sustain

  • Ant Davison, 5th Generation Farmer and CEO at BigBarn

  • Mark Machin, Supply Chain Development Manager at The Soil Association

  • Jimmy Woodrow, Chair, Pasture Fed Livestock Association 

  • Greg Parsons, Director South West Food Hub CIC

  • Alex Stevens, Foodservice & Procurement Adviser at the NFU

  • James Turnbull, Procurement Lead at DEFRA

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