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Dynamic Food Procurement

Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) are nothing new in public sector - they're used across the EU in a range of non-food categories to enable Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) access to public sector markets. Though, until recently, such approaches to overcome barriers and provide access to the public sector for SME primary food producers have been difficult to implement.

Yet dynamic procurement of food can bring about significant benefits to contribute to improved sustainability performance and food security. By facilitating access to public sector markets for smaller scale, sustainable growers and maintaining strong price competition throughout the duration of the contract it can provide an effective, viable alternative to fixed lot-based frameworks.

Procuring, fulfilling and consolidating from a large number of primary food and drink producers and delivering with a single catering kitchen order, invoice and delivery is where this Advisory Board's guidance and tools can add value.

To find out more, download the Principles of Dynamic Food Procurement.

Aims Of The Board


Facilitate UK-wide, SME-inclusive, dynamic procurement, fulfilment and delivery capabilities for public sector food buyers.  

Divert >33% of UK public sector food and drink spend to fresh, local produce from sustainable SME producers by 2023.

Fast Learnings from

Manifesto for a resilient,
adaptable and sustainable
UK food system.

Download PDF here

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